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Journal of Advanced Materials and Processing is published quarterly by Islamic Azad University, Najafabad branch and Iron & Steel Society of Iran.The Scope of the journal extends from the core subject matter of multidisciplinary areas in the science and technology of various materials and processes.The journal provides a medium for the publication of original studies on all aspects of materials and processes including preparation, processing, properties, characterization and application.

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First publication: Spring 2013

Type of Articles: Research Articles

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This journal is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws.




Research Paper Composite materials
Electromagnetic Waves Absorption of the Epoxy Resin-MWCNT Composite Synthesis via Ultrasonic Bath and Milling Process

Sadegh Shahriyari; Mahdi Omidi; Seyyed Ali Hassanzadeh Tabrizi; Mahdi Yeganeh; Hamid Reza Bakhsheshi-Rad

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2022, Pages 3-12

  In this study, ultrasonic bath and milling processes were used to synthesis epoxy resin-multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) composite, and their effect on the absorption of magnetic waves was investigated using the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) test. The effect of the concentration of MWCNT used to ...  Read More

Research Paper Bio Materials
Development and Evaluation of Nanomagnetic Carrier for the Controlled Loading and Release of Celecoxib

Shabnam Ahmadvand; Maryam Kargar Razi; Babak Sadeghi; Seyedeh Sara Mirfazli

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2022, Pages 13-26

  The aim of the present study was to develop synthesize, characterize, and find many applications of functionalized metal oxide nanoparticles. Herein, a new strategy is developed to functionalize magnetite nanoparticles to improve their performances of cerium oxide-functionalized Fe3O4@SiO2@CeO2 magnetic ...  Read More

Research Paper Materials synthesis and charachterization
Mechanical Alloying and Spark Plasma Sintering of Equiatomic AlCoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy

Farhad Abdi; Hossein Aghajani; Shahin Khameneh Asl

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2022, Pages 27-38

  In this research, a high entropy alloy of AlCoCrFeNiMn is made through mechanical alloying and the spark plasma sintering processes. Ball milling was done at different times of 12 h, 36 h, and 48 h in a cup with a diameter of 20 cm. Ball to powder percent weight of 10:1 was selected. X-ray diffraction ...  Read More

Research Paper Bio Materials
Evolution of Biological Properties of Bioactive Diopside and Wollastonite for Bone Tissue Engineering

Ruhollah Zamani Foroushani; Ebrahim karamian; Mohammad Rafienia

Volume 10, Issue 1 , January 2022, Pages 39-56

  The present study aimed to synthesize and characterize diopside (CaMgSi2O6) and wollastonite (CaSiO3) nano-bioceramics via a combination of mechano-chemical and calcination processes. In vitro biomineralization and cell responses of wollastonite and diopside were carried out using simulated body fluid ...  Read More

Materials synthesis and charachterization
Schiff base functionalized Fe3O4@Boehmite Core-Shell Nano-Particles to Support MoO2(acac)2 for Catalytic Epoxidation of Alkenes

Mahdi Mirzaee; Bahram Bahramian; Mohadeseh Hematian

Volume 7, Issue 1 , March 2019, , Pages 31-40

  Fe3O4 nanoparticles were prepared solvothermally and then covered with boehmite shell via hydrothermal assisted sol-gel processing of aluminum 2-propoxide. Then the hydroxyl covered outer surface of the boehmite shell was covalently functionalized with 3-(tri-methoxysilyl) propylamine and the terminal ...  Read More

Utilization of Microalloying with Rare Earth Elements and Hot Extrusion for Remarkable Grain Refinement and Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of as-Cast Magnesium Alloy

Hooman Abedi; Massoud Emamy; Hamed Mirzadeh; Jafar Rassizadehghani; M. Ra'ayatpour

Volume 8, Issue 4 , November 2020, , Pages 29-34

  The effects of micro-addition by rare earth (RE) elements (via cerium-based mischmetal) and hot deformation (via extrusion process) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Mg-0.5Zn-0.5Zr alloy were studied. Optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy-dispersive spectroscopy ...  Read More

Effect of temperature and activator molar of Na2O to SiO2 in the process of synthesis and microstructure of cement geopolymer

M Asadi; A Nemati; R Naghizadeh; K Arzani; J Fahim

Volume 1, Issue 3 , July 2013, , Pages 3-10

  Inorganic polymers were synthesized from dehydroxylated aluminosilicate clay (metakaolinite) condensed with sodium silicate in a highly alkaline environment. The thermal treatment of aluminosilicate materials causes changes in their structure with an increase in the amorphous phase. For that kind of ...  Read More

Materials synthesis and charachterization
Plastic deformation analysis in parallel tubular channel angular pressing (PTCAP)

Ghader Faraji; Mahmoud Mousavi Mashhadia

Volume 1, Issue 4 , October 2013, , Pages 23-32

  Parallel tubular channel angular pressing (PTCAP) process is a novel recently developed severe plastic deformation technique for fabrication of ultrafine grained (UFG) metallic tubes. This new process consists of two half cycles and is affected by several parameters such as channel angles, deformation ...  Read More

Corrosion and protection of materials
Nanoporous anodized aluminum thickness optimization through pulse current mode

Iman Mohammadi; Abdollah Afshar; Shahab Ahmadi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , December 2015, , Pages 11-24

  The purpose of this study was to optimize the thickness of anodizing Aluminum coatings processed under pulse current mode through the Design of Experiments (DOE) method. Thickness measurement, polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy were employed to take Thickness and corrosion behaviors ...  Read More

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