Kinetics analysis of electrophoretic deposition using small signal and large signal modeling, Case study: Nano-Mullite suspension

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Materials and Energy Research Center

2 University of Tabriz


Having sufficient and accurate understanding about kinetics of phenomena, could be an important reason for further technological progresses. Finding a white-box mathematical model for weight vs. time curves of Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) using large and small signal analysis has been studied thoroughly in the present investigation. Weight-Time curves of nano-Mullite suspension have been trained using Simulink modeling tool. Results of the investigation illustrate that, the frequency of particles i.e. the probability of particles for collision to another ones, is decreased due to reduction of the concentration of particles in suspension. When the solid load becomes higher close to the electrode surface, the mobility of individual particle will be restricted and a collective pressure onto the particles closer to the electrode surface is supposed to develop. The accumulated particles will be forced to flocculate and form a solid packing structure. According to results of modeling, times before flocculation is suitable for deposition of highly dense coating.


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