From egg shell wastes (ESWs) into advanced materials: A rapid and simple synthesis of CaO/Ca2Fe2O5 as a novel nanocomposite-derived ESW biomaterial

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of New Materials, Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental Sciences, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, PO Box 76315-117, Kerman, Iran.


ESW as a natural byproduct, although non-hazardous and contains calcium, magnesium carbonate and protein, is commonly disposed in landfills without any pretreatment because it was traditionally useless. In this regards, we wish to report the synthesis of a novel CaO/Ca2Fe2O5 nanocomposite based on ESW. At the first, eggshell (ES) nanopowder was prepared by ball-milling. Then, the CaO/Ca2Fe2O5 nanocomposite as a novel and heterogeneous nanomaterial was synthesized by simply adding an aqueous solution of FeSO4 on the ES nanopowder. After coating the FeSO4 on the surface of the ES powder, the precipitate was collected and calcinated. The synthesized nanocomposite was fully characterized by FTIR, FESEM, TEM, TGA, EDX and XRD analysis. The result was shown that the porous structure of the ESW as a cheap and biomaterial source of Ca was provided good contact area for growing the Fe nanoparticles. The suggested strategy for the synthesis of CaO/Ca2Fe2O5 nanocomposite is very interesting due to use of green and low cost starting materials and its simple and clean preparation procedure. The present procedure was successfully provided a useful application of ESW from the environment to synthesis the novel nanomaterials.


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